Sunday, 15 January 2017


After a much anticipated wait, my first DIY project is here ! 
In this post I will show you how I made my grey Pom Pom pillow. I featured on my Instagram this week and everyone wanted to know where I got it from.

Before you decide to make one, bear in mind the following:
* It took me around 2 weeks 
* My fingers hurt by the end
* But it was worth it

As a background on why I wanted a Pom Pom pillow, I can only say that Pinterest made me do it ! I was browsing the website for hours and hours looking at the prettiest pillows and blankets that were dressed up with one of the most incredible and basic accessories - POM POMs
The fact that I was redecorating and taking inspiration from minimalist, scandinavian designers wasn't helping my cause ... so, I started to look online for a similar piece.

The ones I found were a whooping 150£ or more, and I surely can't afford that, therefore I thought about the next best thing - a DIY project.
Looking back the price now seems reasonable, but I will get more into the details a bit later ;)

What you need

 and a PILLOW CASE (of course)

I bought mine together with the pillow from B&Q for 9£ since it was the only store that had a basic pillow in the shade of grey I was looking for. The only tip I have, is choose a rigid fabric that will be able to hold the fairly big pom poms. Otherwise, any pillowcase you like would be perfect ;)

I picked a grey yarn colour to match my apartment decor and then a darker grey for the corners, as I ran out of the initial type of yarn I chose and was unable to find it anywhere else. 
Make sure you have enough yarn -  in the end I used 4 yarn bundles of the light grey and 2 of the dark one. 

How to make the Pom Poms:

While researching how to make them, I was made aware of a few methods possible for making them. From using a cardboard cut-out to pom-pom makers, there is a lot of choice.

Being lazy and trying to save time, I went for the latter. I used the pom-pom maker system (got mine off Amazon, find it here) which is extremely easy to use and didn't need my full attention.

1. Basically, take your yarn and wrap it around the first pair of arms (the pink thingies, I have no clue how to describe them better). And you continue to do so, until you have a very thick layer.
2. Cut the yarn
3. Repeat on the other side

4. Using sharp scissors, cut in between the arms, making sure to keep the pom pom maker intact.
5. Repeat on the other side
6. Take a piece of yarn about 10cm long and tie it around the space in between the arms. Make a few knots.
5. Take the sides of the maker away and uncover the POM POM

- I had to do this 20 times-

Final steps:

9. Measure where you'd like to place the pom poms
10. Sew them down

 I must admit that starting off this project, I was unbelievably optimistic regarding the length of yarn I needed,  the cost and all round time I had to dedicate to it. 
In the end, the total cost was around £45, but time-wise I would recommend you have a bucket-load of patience, as there will be times when you will want to throw everything away and just spend that extra money to buy a ready-made one. 
However, what I found to work best for me, was making a few pom-poms per day and if I wasn't in the mood to finish one, that was completely fine.
Same with the sewing...took me around 3 days to finish it because I'm not naturally talented when it comes to sewing, I just tried my best. 

However, looking back it was all worth it. I have a POM POM Pillow exactly as I wanted. 
All the seweat ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) and tears make me enjoy it even more <3

If you decide to make one, please let me know in the comments bellow !



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    1. Thank you dear !! Glad you enjoyed this post, let me know if you are going to make your own pillow <3

  2. It looks gorgeous! I am obsessed with making pom poms, my mum lent me her little pom pom maker and now I'm after my own, next project for sure!

    tie dye eyes blog

    1. aww, that's so sweet!! you were lucky she had a pom pom maker, makes things so much easier ! blog about whatever you decide to embellish with pom poms, I will have my eyes peeled to your blog <3