As previously mentioned, I LOVE a nice olive, kaki colour. This outfit takes that to another level by layering the same colour, but in different tones.

I think ZARA should sponsor me, as I am only wearing their clothes, most of times. 
The nice chiffon, flowing blouse is thin and light, perfect for a nice sunny day. The deep V accentuates the chest area, and also it's a good way of showing some skin without being vulgar. The large chest pockets bring the eyes to 'that' key area and is a good trick to use when you want to give the impression of a bigger chest area.

The GOLD tiger head necklaces brings the SAFARI into my look. It''s another thing added in order to make the top half of the body stand out. Also, the metal piece matches the GOLD ankle cuffs. So, it;s a pretty combination. 

The faux leather skirt is a favourite of mine and also, a key element in my wardrobe. It's U cut makes it extremely versatile, and it can be dressed up/down depending of what I add to the look. 
For this look, it's the perfect length and material, plus it goes very well with my kaki SAFARI theme.  
The recently popular trend of wearing tights with sandals is a difficult one for me. In my mind, the two should never be put together but for this look I decided to challenge myself. There you have it! I can't say that I love it, but it's alright. I don;t hate it either. The tights keep me warm because it is still a bit chilly outside, while the sandals are the perfect choice for this look. The black matches the biker jacket, with the gold bringing the sexiness. 

hair & MUA - Loredana Lupea

 Wild is the key word of this make-up look. One of my besties,Loredana is a make-up artist and was kind enough to provide to face look&hair, plus take the photos. The smokey purple eyes are wild&fierce, accentuating the green of my eyes. bringing the idea of nature to life. Everything else is kept to a minimum with the hair in a very messy bun. Her suggestion was that considering the firey ginger colour of my hair, the bun will hint the idea of a bright sunset in a SAFARI.


Jacket - H&M
Top - ZARA
Skirt - ZARA
Tiger head necklace - ZARA
Sandals - ZARA
Hair&MUA - Loredana Lupea


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  1. nice outfit! i've yet to find myself a good leather jacket! i've never actually looked at H&M for them which is a very silly thing of me to do haha, but having looked at this, i'm going to go:p That necklace is also very awesome! x
    | Life as a Petite |

  2. Thanks for the nice comment ! I always try to find a cheap buy, and h&m is the perfect shop for that. It's not real leather, but I wasn't looking for one either. You should defo check them out. It's a good quality too ! xx