The week has finally come to an end, and to be honest, I am nor happy nor excited, I really enjoyed my week.  I moved to a new science lab and there's a new project on the cards both in my Uni life and my blogging life. Fingers crossed everything goes to plan !

Moving on... I have been mostly wearing PINK and NUDES, with splashes of B&W. I cannot wait for the good weather of Spring ;) (that should be May here)

But, I am preparing well for it by stocking up on items I'll be wearing the entire summer 

My latest obsession, this Dusty Pink Beanie from Urban Outfitters  and the equally amazing Bubblegum Virginia Dr.Martens 

I am wearing them to death for two reasons: 
1. It's still chilly outside - 14degrees Celsius
2. They just go with everything in my wardrobe at the moment

This is today's look, simple easy and quick for an equally active morning !

What do you usually wear at work/uni ?

With love,

Beanie - Urban Outfitters
White top - ZARA
Jeans - Sainsbury's (2011 collection)
Pink sweater - H&M (2012 collection)
Boots - Dr. Martens
Old back - ZARA (2013 collection)

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