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Hello dear reader, thank you for coming back and reading this article.
Today, I am tackling the new Pastels Trend for Spring/Summer '16. Every shop in the World is doing a collection comprising of sheer fabrics with delicate peekaboo elements following on the footsteps of big brands such as Burberry and Preen. 

The subtle/sheer opaque pieces in with sugary pastels and in juxtaposition to acid colours are a must for this year's season. 

There is something particular aesthetic to this trend. The power of pastels to impose a strong image of femininity and sexuality (in combination with a cuteness that reminds of childhood), they also have an lightness that, at the end of the day, leaves you playful and giggling. I
On the other hand, is there anything beyond this colour scheme? Will it be something that will transcend time like Black&white did and will always do ?

These are questions I wonder whenever something new and in trend is on the market.
I remember when I was in high-school (6-7years ago, I know I'm older than you might thing) I used to be obsessed with nudes and a various range of pale colours, while the "trendy" thing was to wear reds, maroons and blacks. In my personal opinion, fashion is what you envisage yourself wearing, what suits you and what is in coordination with YOUR STYLE.

I love a pastel colour scheme, I have always wanted to be different and therefore when everyone was wearing strong colours - I was wearing pastels&nudes
*when nudes were in - black was in for me
*black was in - acid in for me

This season, this trend is everything I wanted from Spring/Summer - if you need to know something about me - know that I love pale pinks - Even my graduation pink comprised everything I love most: pinks * peonies

Therefore, I decided to give you a choice of pieces to mix & match for the SS'16

From tops to shoes, you can combine whatever you want as long as you keep in mind a few key points: 

1.Stick to one - Pick and choose one colour that suits you best and use it throughout your outfit. Be creative and combine it with another popular trend such ruffles. An elegant and flowy top with bottom ruffles will give you a very sophisticated look

2.Mix*Match - Find a few colours you like most and put together an entire look to achieve something that stands out, but yet is very feminine. Word of advice: Don't go crazy! 3-4 colours should be enough.

3.When in doubt - wear with WHITE  - If you feel like any of the above is not for you,  a white outfit with a pop of pastel colour will still have the same effect.

4.Wear statement shoes - There's nothing prettier in the summer than nice tanned legs and plain shoes would just not look right with such pretty colours. Try a sexy heel, or a pop art shoe to spice up that look ;) Or a simple pair of Birkenstock sandals to tone down everything. 
You do you, boo!
P.S. If you are in the UK,  check out for more comfortable shoes
*To shop the items below, just click the photo ;)*

No matter what you choose to match and wear, just remember to be yourself and don't let anyone else tell you differently.

This Spring/Summer looks blush !!

How would you style pastels ?

Yours truly,

Top - H&M
Trousers - ZARA
Faux fur Loafers - Aliexpress


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