It's Wednesday morning, people are wearing hats, gloves and a take-away cups of coffee. 
Destination - work, life, things to do

We live busy bee lives and forget to sometimes just STOP - take a breath of fresh air, sip that coffee and smile 

Smile to that old lady taking her grandchild to nursery, to the cleaning lady at work or that homeless that you are far too familiar with by now.

It only takes 30 seconds - make them count 
Looking at a phone screen to tell the time is sterile, cold and impersonal. Much like busy people these days who are focused on getting somewhere rather than enjoying the ride, therefore a romantic women's/men's watch is something that can hugely change your perception of time and style.

I have a modern, wooden timepiece to help you do just that 

JORD Wood Watches is a company that creates watches made out of acacia, bamboo, maple, ebony, and many others. It caters for both women and men, with an emphasis on a modern style, with an immense range of designs to suit even the most picky. Their philosophy is focused on 
making the time count rather than watch it pass by us. 
The JORD wood - they use the highest quality of wood available, however it is worth mentioning that they need more attention and love in comparison to the common steel watch. They are not water resistant, and sudden temperature changes can affect its lifespan. However, it comes in the most gorgeous wooden box and I would recommend placing your item in it to expand its life. 
Don't fuss too much because every JORD Wood Watch comes with a full one-year warranty ;-)

What I love most about my watch ( Frankie series in Zebrawood and Navy) is the engraving on the back which states its place of birth as St. Louis and the date it was hand crafted: 22/8/16. It just gives that bit of detail to make it even more personal.
*You can also ask for custom engravings
Grandad's old wooden watch is now mainstream!

My Frankie is extremely soft & comfortable on the skin,  comparing this to my smart Fitbit Blaze it doesn't pinch or rub against my wrist nor does it stain it. Styling it was a piece of cake, the huge clock face is a statement and right up my street, I am not one to pick small watches... I like big, men's watches and steer away from women's because they are too pretty and delicate for myself.

I decided to play around with colours (pink, yellow, navy), textures (denim, faux fur and chiffon) and styles to frame this beautiful watch. 
No matter the buzz around, it stands on its own, fierce and on time !

It is worth mentioning that while this post is being sponsored by JORD Wood Watches, I was more than thrilled when I was presented with the opportunity. I must admit, I was stalking them on Instagram for a while now, and their collaborations always seemed to pop into my feed. They are filled with amazing, inspirational flatlays, beautiful colours and amazing watches, of course 

Giveaways rules & details 
because I know everyone must be excited:

What you need to do:
 1.Sign up to the giveaway by clicking the link below

 2. Comment below which watch is your favourite 

What you can win:
1. Anyone who enters the giveaway will automatically receive a $25 JORD gift code
2. The winner will receive a $100 JORD gift code
 Open until 15/1/2017

Good luck!

NYE is close, begin 2017 with a gift for yourself

JORD Wooden Watches

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  1. “Have your best Christmas ever!” :)

  2. My favourite is from the Frankie series - the sandalwood&smoke

    1. Great choice ! Sandalwood is my fave