I proud myself with how organised I like to be, but Christmas is just NEXT WEEKEND and I have yet to purchase anything for anyone :(
However, I remember attending a very classy event not long ago. It was organised by Very to showcase their Party Dresses and Christmas range. OMG, what a life saver !

Looking through the photos I have from that lovely, cupcake filled evening I was able to get some inspiration for party-wear collection pieces from brands such as Warehouse, Oasis, Lost Ink (which I am sure you've seen too much already on my blog) alongside with V by Very. They are perfect for the ladies in my life, and myself of course. I want to point out that the Very website houses a huge array of products -- from clothing to gardening, jewellery or gaming, you can find everything for your loved ones.

So, I've decided to do a GiftGuide sort of list (for her) which will hopefully help you and I to plan and be ready for Christmas. 


This can be very tricky to nail in the head (pun intended), finding the right size and shape is sometimes a struggle even when we are trying to purchase for ourselves, therefore here are a few items I think would fit most of us, ladies ;-) 
Most of the items I've picked are on SALE, so definitely have a look.

I picked a few couple of versatile tops, coats and dresses
Click on the image to take you to the website and shop


If I think a person is more difficult to buy for, I always buy them accessories. It's the next logical thing to do. I will surely find something sophisticated, crazy or outlandish to suit them, the choice is out there.
From bags to hats & belts, glasses and watches -  the choice is endless:

Click on the image to take you to the website and shop


I could talk about beauty for hours and hours, as I love it so much. But I wanted to be swift and comprised a list of my most loved ones in three different categories, yet I steered away from perfumes because tastes can differ so much and some are very sensitive to strong scents.

Skincare - from young, blemish prone skin to older, more mature, I have put together something for everyone

Make-up - From brushes to primers and make-up cases, the choice is yours. Avoid foundations/concealers as colour matching can be difficult to master
This is my dream dress <3 I saw it at the Party Dresses blogger event and fell in love. It's now on sale for £68 and you can get it here  <3

Now, we are all Ready for Christmas ! we can shop until we drop. If you are late with your shopping, I hope you find this useful and inspiring :-)

What is on your Wishlist ? x

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