Weekend attire is in full swing ! Another sweater article is here for you, today I'm tackling the chunky, oversized jumper :-)

What to look for:

1. Yarn - do you want something thin, thick, elegant or casual ? I prefer soft and simple, maybe some added details such as bell shaped sleeves or a ruffle.

2. Body shape - whether you are apple, pear or hourglass (more are available) there is something there for you. Try on a jumper with ruffles on the top if you lack in the top department, or a peplum if you want to show case them bottom curves. I, personally, prefer cropped to showcase my waist and if I wear one that is very big, I pair it with fitted trousers.

3. Quality -  there is nothing worse than buying a sweater, wearing it twice and then throwing it away because it shrank in the wash or has shredded & is packed with bobbles (sic, nasty). Read the labels, wash it accordingly and check the material. As a rule, wool and cashmere are usually considered high end and the best option, while the worst is cheap polyester because jumpers made out of this tend to lose their shape and they won't keep you very warm either. 

Recently, I have been wearing this lantern style sleeve jumper to death and back.  I like to wear it at home while just doing some work and pair with some comfy leggings or tucked into my fave pair of Mom Jeans to go out for a round of shopping with the boyfriend. It's versatile and extremely soft, therefore everything that I am looking for :-) 
It's from SheIn and I would make a big purchase if I were you, they currently have mega discounts if you buy over 55$ & get 40% off your order & FREE SHIPPING. Trust me, it easy to go over that as they have so many amazing things <3 Click here for more

Also, I loved styling it with this oversized check blazer for that smart look, yet added my fave black Nike trainers to balance everything out.

By now, you know how much I love details, so I added this elegant burgundy choker for a bit of femininity. Plus, it matches the red in the blazer. 

Quick and easy ! (as always)

Considering we're getting closer to Christmas, what are your favourite sweaters ? Do you like plain ones or do you go all out and purchase the most Christmasy ones on the market?

Sweater: SheIn | Jeans: Asos | Blazer: Monki | Shoes: Nike | Choker: Asos | Earrings: ZARA

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