Welcome back, my lovelies !

I have been redecorating for the past few weeks and I like the way things are heading <3 The place was completely frumpy and ugly before, yet more airy, minimalist with a touch of scandinavian design here and there. It's perfect for US !

This flow of inspiration has prompted a lot of shopping and purchasing of new items to add into my wardrobe. Mostly muted tones with a splash of yellow, mustard, navy and loads of grey. I don't care it's Christmas and people want red, green and gold. I am not about that life !

The jumper saga continues, and today I am showcasing a new light pink one. I just felt inspired to shoot it while trying my new bits on and DAAAAAAAYYYYUUUMMMM, I love the final product. Impromptu photo shoots can sometime be the best ones ;-)

Simple, Sophisticated, Snug

Three simple words to describe today's look. 
The basic pink jumper is a bargain at only £8.99, the fabric is very soft, yet light and perfect to be worn with a pair of leggings at the gym or tucked into a pair of jeans. I decided for the latter because I found this amazing pair of jeans and I wanted to see how the two would look together. The paper bag waist accentuates my body shape so beautifully, brings the attention to that particular area while at the same time being very in trend. They are more of the classic mom jeans, however I have big plans for them, but that's for a future blog post - wink wink -. I love a nice dark denim, I think it's very difficult to find nowadays and most time, it's better to shop in charity shops or thrift stores for nice, old school denim.

Scarf in pink and blue for some cute details and my favourite Oana Galmati ring to mirror the buckle on the jeans.

Messy low bun is perfect for this laid-back look.  That is it, no fuss, no mess just basic lines and a cup of tea to keep me warm while working.

HOWEVER, if you'd like to go out, you can wear a pair of velvet pink boots as I have or a pair of white Adidas All Stars. Throw on a faux fur and have fun !

Sweatshirt: H&M | Jeans: Lost Ink | Scarf: Asos | Ring: Oana Galmati | Frames: Asos

Christmas is almost here, what is your colour theme for this year ? Do you wear the typical colours or are you more daring ?

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