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I am not a model, nor do I pretend to be. I love fashion and everything that is nice out there. I am far for being slim and fit, but I like to work with what I've got and make the most of it. There is a lot of stigma nowadays, regarding the perfect weight or being as slim as possible. But we should first take a look in the mirror and have a chat with our true self, and ask: How do I really want to be? Will I be happy being hungry or sick all the time? 
In my case, the answer is NO. I would rather have curves and enjoy them, than live on a short supply of energy. I am a strong, healthy girl, and I am happy just the way I am. There is no such thing as perfection, so I am perfect the way I am.
Please, dear girls, don't let media or the vain world of fashion take your mind, just work around it.

happy in animal print

A month or so ago, I was lucky enough to win a competition, the prize -a photoshoot with Alex Marchis from Très Joli. We decided to go for something more dark and different, focusing on rays of light and textures. Thanks to Alex and his dedication, the location was an old manor surrounded by a lot of vegetation. The weather was hot and sunny, just perfect for a work on set. We forgot to bring water or food with us, but nothing could've stopped us anyway.

For this look, I opted for a pair of cheetah printed trousers from ZARA. The light weight fabric is like skin and the print is just amazing. It clashes with the background and that is what I was trying to achieve. This juxtaposition is pleasant to the eye. 
BLACK SILK SHIRT - perfect choice I must add ! It is supposed to tame the look, as there is a lot going on in the background and on my trousers.

Silver and gold statement necklaces 
To match them, I am wearing a beautiful pair of ZARA sandals which has a very cheeky gold angle bangle. This gives a romantic feel to it and also, it accentuates that very sexy part of the leg.

The beautiful blue smokey eyes bring out the green of my eyes and it's also a nice touch to the entire ensemble. The beautiful and talented Loredana Lupea did an amazing job considering that I woke her up at 7am. I can't thank her enough for the effort and for being on set with me for the entire day.

Wild, big, puffy- lioness like hair- by the lovely Oana Marchis from Boudoir Salon Cluj. The hairstyle was exactly what I wanted and it lasted the entire day in the beaming sun and heat. That's how you know an amazing hairstylist.

Let me know what you think. I hope you love the photos as much as I do, it was a fun, fulfilling day. 
Thumbs up to the Très Joli for the amazing work !


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