Sorry !


Hi everyone, I thought I should say "Sorry"  for not posting anything the last few days, BUT I am currently studying for my exams,  the last one is on the 30th of May. I'll be uploading some pictures during the weekends though, yey ! I promise that from the 1st June I'll be posting everyday or every other day ! 

 I am saving some money to buy a good camera and film some OOTD or fashion videos ! Let's hope it won't take me forever to save this amount of money. I am a shopaholic, so saving money is not one of my qualities.

Good luck to everyone who is revising now ! It's a pain :(

Andra xoxo

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  1. Good luck with your exams! *Fingers crossed* x

    1. Fingers crosses, I'm really worried that these exams are going to be really difficult! Thanks for the nice words! X

    2. Think positive, it's a must! "I WILL take ALL my exams!" :) x

  2. Good luck, I am in complete love with your little pug! amazing!x

  3. Thank you dear!! I will post more photos with her, people seem to love her:) she's a cutie! Have a lovely day! x