I love a nice sunny day


jacket - H&M
top - Primark
bag - Zara
skirt - Zara 
boots - Asos
sunglasses - Asos
Instagram: @andravaida 
Twitter: @andravaida
Facebook: Andra Vaida

I must admit I love a good sunny day,even when I still have to wear tights. Something that I've learned since living in the UK is that sun doesn't always mean hot weather, but it's definitely a lot better than a windy and/or rainy day.

The sun makes me happy so I like wearing bright colours like my Zara skirt which I adore! It#s just perfect, even though a bit big for me, but that's not a problem after a nice dinner at a Chinese place, I can tell you it was tight! 
The top which was 10£ from Primark (bargain!) brings even more life  into the outfit, the gold chain detail adds more style and goes very well with my skin tone. 
Although sunny, it still was cold and my black tights just keep me warm no matter what, I must say I am obsessed with tights, I would happily wear them during summer when it's hoy, only if I wasn't actually boiling in them! Black makes the illusion that my legs are nice and thin and what girl doesn't love that!?  
The jacket is again to keep me warm and adds an interesting vibe, I wanted to have a feminine look, but with an edge, feel like I can rule the world ! Also, the shoes with their structured shape are perfect for the kind of look I was trying to achieve
The silver chain from my white Zara bag is clashing with the gold detailing on my top, and sometimes I love clashing metals like clashing patterns. The white brings down the harshness of the black elements and makes it less 'in your face'!

I had a good day shopping with my boyfriend, but I can tell you, my feet were killing me at the end !

Hope you all have a nice weekend! Let me know what you think! 

Love, Andra

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