top - H&M
shorts - Primark
belt - Primark
bag - ASOS
boots - ZARA 
watch - Michael Kors
bracelet - Primark
bracelet - Primark 

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This outfit is a really loose and comfortable one because I had a lazy day !
The shorts are from Primark and are high wasted which means they keep my tummy area in check, I love the wash off feel, they are really in this spring/summer

The top is from H&M and is a sheer loose fitting fabric just perfect for a summer evening! I paired it with a gold belt from Primark which you can't see in the pictures but it just accentuates the waist area creating a nice hourglass shape

Cowgirl boots from ZARA! I am in love with the studded detail on them and I think it just makes the look more casual, but put together. They are extremely comfortable and also, they keep me warm when it's a bit chilly, and if it's really hit I still don't feel my feet boiling hot! 

 Love, Andra x

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