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Hello everybody !!
As I promised, I'm back ! I finished my exams and I'm really happy because I can enjoy my holiday now ! I'm incredibly happy that I don't need to go to lectures or study day and night.
I thought I should mix things up and do a Youtube video because why not? I have plenty of time on my hands and I'm a chatty person, plus I'm kinda obsessed with Youtube videos lately, so I thought I should give it a try.

It's a haul video because there's nothing better than retail therapy to make you enjoy holiday even more!!   

First things I bought are from Primark, the  PJs are just gorgeous and awesome, soft and really good for what they're meant. The two pairs of sandals are just perfect for summer and they will look awesome with a pair of shorts or a nice summery dress.

Asos gifts!
The tuxedo shirt is just perfect! I love it so much I can't find the right words to describe it. It's loose and soft, the fabric is even perfect for a  summer night walk.

The silver metal sunnies are a big trend this summer and I wanted a pair for such a long time, so when I received them I was ecstatic! They are black, therefore very versatile and the best thing about them is that they actually do a good job at filtrating the sun light! I find most of sunglasses useless and I only wear them because I like how they look like, but these ones are perfect!

The shoes - OMG!!! Can't tell you how much I love them! I would wear them with short, skirts, dresses, anything actually because they can be sporty, casual and elegant

I surely love a good shopping trip at Zara
The skirt - I love a good coral piece in my wardrobe and this one just had to me mine. It flatters my figure and doesn't make me look like I have a huge bum, and us girls like that a lot ! I would happily wear it with the Asos boots, actually after I bought it and I arrived home, I tried it in with the shoes and the look was just amazing, girly with an edge! 

The cardigan - I love my neons! Since last summer, I can't stop wearing them, but I didn't have a perfect autum/winter piece, until I saw this cardigan! It was love at first sight! I know there are a lot of neon cardigans out there, but nothing really clicked for me. This one is not too baggy or fitted and it's thick enough to keep me warm, but not too thin that I would start sweating, which I hate ! Nobody likes feeling too warm.

The white sandals - LOVE! Gorgeous for summer! They will look great with summer jeans shorts or a nice girly skirt or dress which is what I would wear in the summer. I love looking feminine in the summer.

Let me know if you enjoy this type of posts and videos, pretty please! 

If you want me to show  how I would wear each piece, let me know again! I am more than happy to do that ! 

Love, Andra

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