Curvaceous Sunset


Curvaceous Sunset

Because having a big bum is not a bad feature, it's the future!

I must say I am a bit apprehansive about posting today's look. This is due to my current weight gain, which makes things a bit more complicated for me. 
This being said, if you have,OWN IT!

Sequins&Love is the starting point of this look.
I've purchased the top this week, and the moment it caught my eye - it was pure love. The delicate sequins in combination with the back slit make it a statement piece in my wardrobe. It also, was on sale and I surely love a bargain!! The deep V neck is a naughty and sexy bonus, which must be treated with care and patience. Too much skin and you can look kitch, which is not what I'm trying to go for in my daily outfits. 

The beautiful kimono is the perfect cover-up in case it get's a bit chilly during the evening. Today, it rained quite a bit here, and there was no way I could have survived the evening without it. Puuuurfection, my dear!

Simple black skirt to balance all the crazy movement and prints in the top half. Chic!

The white high heels give me a bit of height and elegance.

Simple accesories and messy hairdo to complete the look.

Kimono - H&M
Skirt - H&M
Mid rings - H&M
Sequins top - ZARA
High Heels - ZARA


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  1. Anonymous7/28/2014

    Love the outfit Andra, and I have to say: I have the same kimono! x) x

    1. Thank you lovely !! This kimono is truly, the perfect buy ! Goes with almost everything and it's a nice touch to a casual outfit :) xx