I thought it would be fun to show you what foundations I use and write a little review on them. A quick tip: all are a bit darker than my skin tone, but can't seem to fine a light enough foundation, no matter the brand.

1. Clarins Skin Illusion with Mineral&Plant extracts, shade sand 108 - I bough this one when I was back home in Romania, from Sephora. I must say the smell is gorgeous, even though I'm not a big fan of smells when it comes to beauty or skincare. It applies smoothly and I usually blend it into my skin and down the neck with my Real Techniques buffing brush. This leaves an amazing natural finish with a natural shine. I think it's perfect for summer because it will give you that healthy bronzed summer skin we all wish for. I just love it.

2. DIORSKIN NUDE in shade 010 - has SPF 15 - this must be the lightest shade of all of them and still a bit to dark or a bit on the warm side, I am more on the yellow side though. Again it has a scent to it, but it's nice and not very strong, so I can deal with it. The texture is a bit too drying for my extremely dry skin type, but what I normally do is mix it with the Laura Mercier Radiance primer and that helps a lot! It can be a bit flaky, if I try to build it up, but if you have a normal to oily skin type, I don't think this will happen to you. I'd say it has a matte finish, but it looks natural, not like you have a mask of foundation on. I use it mostly when I want a perfect finish because it seems to hide all my red patches and that is just perfect. I highly recommend trying it, if you are not sure, just ask for a sample.

3. Rimmel Match Perfection, shade Ivory 100 with SPF 18 - uhhhhhhhhh, I used to use it a lot before buying the Clarins one, just because it lasts all day long and doesn't need any touch ups during the day, again the shade is a bit off, but I blend it in very well and it just gives me a bit more colour and it isn't noticeable, if I blend it down the neck. I'd say is a shade darker, but not more. Again, matte finish, but a natural look, it goes on smoothly and blends in very well. It doesn't dry my skin out, so that's a big plus! I like wearing it when I go to uni and I don't need to worry about looking dry, patchy or my makeup melting down,definitely stays put all day. If you have normal to oily, or very oily skin I would recommend putting some powder on top just to make sure it stays put a whole day.    

4. MAC Face and Body, shade C1 - it is my latest purchase and I was a bit insecure at first, but I must admit I'm in love with it. A thin layer and it looks just like skin and if I need more coverage is easily buildable  without looking like a dry, it doesn't breakdown. It still looks natural. They say is best to blend it in with your hands, I only do that if I want a thin layer, for more coverage I go back to my buffing brush which helps me get a flawless finish. For the last few weeks I've only been using this foundation and I'm very happy with the results, I don't feel like I'm wearing any makeup and that is amazing. I hate the feeling of having a mask on all day and not being able to touch my face because I'm afraid I'll be ruining it. The watery consistency makes it easy to apply, so if you are looking for a foundation with is not complicated and gives a natural finish, but can go up to a medium coverage if you need, this is the one for you. For a very oily skin, I would say a matte powder should be added to the makeup routine. 

I have a bit of an obsession with foundations, I must admit. Currently trying the Estēe Lauder Double Wear Foundation. I will post a review when I actually decide what I think about it.

What is your favorite foundation ? Let me know, I'm always looking to buy even more, as I need more foundations, oops ! 

Andra xoxo

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