New shoes!


I made the mistake of going to ZARA and ended up buying this amazing pair of shoes. My budget surely isn't in a good place right now, oops. But I couldn't resist then.

 They are perfect for a spring day and I can wear them with shorts, skirts, leggings, almost everything. They are really cute and the marine theme is really popular this spring-summer, so I had to try it out and see how I can fit it in with my other clothes. This pair of shoes is just perfect, keeping me in trend without overdoing it because I'm not very keen on colourful stripes, although I love monochrome ones. 
I must say they are extremely comfortable, and I didn't end up with blisters after wearing them which proves it. Almost all shoes give me blisters and hurt my feet,I hate that so much, but this pair is just amazing, NO BLISTERS!  

I highly recommend trying them if you find yourself in ZARA. Yes, they are not the most elegant ones, but if you are looking for something less posh and more casual and comfortable with a quirky look,  I think they are perfect. 

This is my purchase of the month!

Andra xoxo

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  1. Eep, I love love love love lovve these shoes I want them!

    Kelly ||