The flared


Flared Lounge Trousers - ASOS
Tee - River Island
Bomber Jacket - Serge DeNimes
Bag - YSL

Recently, I have been obsessed with comfortable yet chic wide-leg / flared trousers. They are perfect for days when you don;t feel like making an effort, but you stil want to look composed and fashionable. 

*Plus, if you are like I am, and have big thighs - they will make your legs look longer and thinner!

From jersey fabric to a nice stiff cotton, the choice is yours when it comes to wide-leg trousers. Most  shops now, carry something similar and the prices vary from cheap (Primark) to average (ZARA) or expensive (Selfridges). 
It's up to you to find something that is best for you & your budget.

To make it easier for you, I made a selection of similar trousers to mine (affordable prices) to get you inspired and maybe shopping for one ! (see below)

Today, I paired them with:
* a simple band T-Shirt from River Island (not available anymore)
* my boyfriends Serge DeNimes black bomber Jacket with Tiger Print on the back

This look is casual, effortless and you will surely get noticed !

Let me know what you think !

Yours truly,

Here's a quick video of this beautiful look

Here are a few suggestions for similar trousers, find what suits you best by clicking the product image

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