monday fresh


Another Monday, another week of possible gloomy weather. 

I am currently on holiday and I'm enjoys a bit of sun & sea. I needed this more than air as the past few month I was overwhelmed by (night) anxiety every other day... and it's drained me of all my energy.

I am trying to recharge my brain and soul batteries with the help of my (always) supportive boyfriend and family. I realised that sometimes all I need is their love to help me grow and evolve - I am not letting the feeling of constant fear and restlessness take me down !!

I intend to post a couple (or more) outfits from here, some amazing photos and a bit of anxiety advice to maybe inspire others. 

Until then,
I am sharing with you this pretty and pristine outfit inspired by the need of uplifting thoughts. 
I am aware that white and beige(y) tones are not everyone's cup of tea - or - better said: people avoid them as they are (sometimes) difficult to wear because they stain easily or are more pretentious. 

I beg to differ 

I think they can be a great choice for days when you feel like you need something sophisticated, yet relaxed and minimalist ( yes, I did use those words again ;) ) to help you through long, busy days.

The super soft beige ripped sweater is a joy to wear as the cut is quite loose and non restrictive, you can move freely without a care in the world.
The side split culottes are relaxed yet feminine, without bringing the attention to your curves - as  white might sometimes do.
And the final piece, is the classic fit coat that is in a darker tone and thus allows the look to come together in a more muted fashion.

MESSY BUN AND SUPERSTARS on my feet is all I need

Top: Romwe | Jacket: Asos  | Trousers: Warehouse | Shoes: Adidas | Watch: Fitbit

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