Breakfast of champions ! Vegan Champions

I get questions regarding may vegan diet quite a lot, and today I decided, while preparing my breakfast, to share it with you.

It’s my favourite and I usually have it at least five times a week, plus or minus different fruits or snacks .


Oats milk: 150 g
Oats: 10 g
Pur Ya Vegan Powder: 30 g
Blueberries: 57 g
Raspberries: 52 g
Chopped walnuts: 5 g
Chia seeds: 5 g
Kcal: 316


1 Vegan & Gluten Free Cinnamon Bun by Fria
Blueberries: 3 g
Raspberries: 2g
Kcal: 190

And a perfect cuppa <3

This brekkie is healthy, filled with antioxidants and protein, a good amount of carbs to keep you going and a bit of sweetness to stop those cravings <3

I like to eat something sweet in the mornings, I feel I need it the moment I wake up and since I try to stay away from processed sugars the rest of the day, the mornings are ideal to have them as I know I'll burn them off until the evening <3

Who said vegans can't eat anything ?? Well, I beg to differ. What is your favourite breakfast ? 

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