I love blush dusty pinks, always have !

And I have been purchasing pink or pink-ish items for the past couple of months, it's like a craze !! You should see my Pinterest board dedicated to Pink Everything - it's reminiscent of a unicorn vomiting, I must admit. From faux furs, to Gucci extravaganza, from flatlays to photoshoots, there is anything for anyone.

So, when I saw Alina Ceusan wear this pretty pink sweater, I had to have it ! I was looking for one just like this, pink with ties, casual and very pyjama-esque, ideal for those days when you just want to feel comfortable and care free, but snuggled in something soft. 
This is the perfect Sunday look for running to grab a coffee or have brunch in town. 

I've fallen into this casual style a year or so ago, and it's here to stay. I love my basics, my B&W, my clean cuts, but sometimes I have to add a bit of colour into my life and wardrobe. Clothes and colours are mood changers, knowing how to gain the most out of them is ideal for great days 

I always try to add links to the products, but when I can't for various reasons, I add similar items that I was able to find:

This pink sweater, I decided to combine with a pair of grey, funky Star Print Joggers and a pair of pink velvet boots for a touch of elegance, tone-done the casual vibe, yet add a bit of spice into it. A pair of heels would have also looked amazing. I am sure you can find something similar in your wardrobe, be courageous and inventive. I added my white bag and blush pom-pom to be sure that I have a place to put my phone. I never leave the house without my phone, it's like an extension of myself already. White headphones to mirror the colour of the bag, help me zone out everyone while walking.

Wear that pair of loungewear or PJ bottoms outside, be confident and nobody will suspect what you've done ;)

I also, purchased the latest edition of Harper's Bazaar magazine for endless inspiration and OMG ! this is my favourite of the year. 

What is your go to style for casual days ? Do you like this look or is candy floss pink a bit too much for you ?

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    1. Thank you dear, I am obsessed with it ! It's so soft and feels just like a blanket ! Plus, it's PINK <3