Storm Doris just passed by and might I just say: it was windy ! Everything was moving, breaking or on the brink of falling...even the crane next to our flat. It was scary !

However, people just went on with their lives, running like busy bees to their jobs and thinking about their day ahead.

While I... well, I was just preparing to go to the gym & sit in, under my soft blanket with a nice cup of tea. I am fortunate enough to still be at home and do 'homely" things. 

When I eventually confronted the storm, I chose the warmest coat I own layered with the gorgeous Puma long hoodie in YELLOW, yes you heard me right: yellow!
I was never a fan of this colour, but for some reason this dress like hoodie just "spoke" to me. I think the mustard tone is balancing the black and burgundy I am wearing on the bottom half :D
Added my new favourite loafers - a bit too daring considering that every piece of packaging and broken trees on the ground was hitting my feet - I purchased them during the Winter Zara Sale for about ~ £15 (bargain) - great investment

If you are looking for an extremely comfortable look that is quite minimal, but will keep you warm, choose something similar with a hood and add layers <3

Did storm Doris hit your town ? What have you been wearing lately ?

Hoodie: Puma | Leggings: JDY | Coat: ZARA | Bag: ZARA | Shoes: ZARA

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  1. Yasss to this look! I love the yellow hoodie combo x