Pedi time - spring edition


I received this nail varnish with a magazine (unfortunately can't remember which one, I have too many I guess) and I thought I would give it a go. As I can't use it on my nails because I usually have gel nails, I said to myself I really need a pedicure though. I must admit I don't do my pedicure too often just because my nails grow really slow and also, the varnish almost never chips. As it is a bit more warm outside (not more than 15degrees Celsius lol), I felt like my toes need a 'warmer' look. The result is a dark nude pinkish colour and I love it. I must say it is lighter in the bottle, but I don't mind it. What I find really nice with this Ciaté polish is the quality, it is highly pigmented and you can easily apply just one coat. I went for two though, just to be sure it lasts longer and the colour is even more vibrant. I am really pleased with it and I hope you find this review useful.


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