Fresh air


The last few weeks I didn't had the time to go out and enjoy a bit of fresh air. University is such a pain sometimes... Today I went to Uni and managed to hand in an essay, so I picked many black pieces out of my wardrobe, don't know why to be honest. I think black is my first go to colour when I feel broody , or even happy. My boyfriend recently told me that I've became an all black outfit type of girl which almost never used to happen to me. I guess I'm getting old and broody :)

I'm wearing my black pleather Primark leggings (which got ripped when I went to London, but I like them anyways) with a loose and long thin blouse from H&M. Because too much black makes me feel like I'm going to a funeral, I picked my red Chelsea boots from Asos (which I looooove). The black jacket is from H&M as well and I love it because it keeps me warm and it's a fashionable piece with nice, leather looking sleeves. I like layering my clothes because the wind in Liverpool is just awful and you can really feel it no matter how many clothes you are putting on :( So, my big brown coat is a copy of Burberry from Stradivarius which I bought 2years ago, but I'm still wearing it lots of times, it's just perfectly fashionable. THE bag is the ZARA one that everybody has, I guess. It's just perfect for me because I can put all my things in it and they all fit nicely, it's also very comfortable, which is a plus for me. The scarf is a cheap Primark one, it is the softest scarf I have, it makes me feel like I'm wearing a pillow around my neck (I know, I'm really strange, but I'm in love with pillows).
Accessories: chain necklace/Primark; ring/Swarovski

Hope you liked my outfit !

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Andra xoxo

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  1. Feels so good to read your lovely posts again! Welcome back!
    P.S I think you look sexy as hell in black!

    1. Oh, always so lovely! Sexy gif by the way :)
      I hope I can keep posting on a regular basis because exams are close and that means: no time for anything else
      Thank you for the compliments , u sexy lady !!!