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Today I was really busy running errands and buying food because it's Easter in Romania (where originally I'm from). Thus, I'm wearing something comfortable and just perfect for a spring-ish weather.
My sweater is from Primark and I love the sparkles on the shoulders, I think it just gives it a stylish and feminine touch. The patterned shirt (ZARA) was a present from my boyfriend and I've been wearing it a lot last year and just rediscovered it. I think it looks really nice with the sweater because you can see the collar. I paired everything with my ZARA tiger necklace, it just brings the attention to the neck area even more, considering that the bottom part of the outfit is more 'mellow'. The jeggings are from Sainsbury's (TU collection) and I bought them when I first went to Edinburgh, and that was 3years ago I think, they are really old, but the most comfortable pants I own, therefore perfect for today. The wedge trainers are also ZARA ( I'm starting to notice a pattern here :) ) and they are just so versatile, I am able to wear them with almost everything from pants to dresses, from shorts to skirts. I must admit that it is still too cold not to wear a coat, so the Zara animal print one was my first choice when deciding which one to wear. Because is A shaped, I don't feel like it clings to my body, so I can still move a lot and carry the bags without a problem. Bag is from Asos and it's just cute because it has a golden owl on the front (I think it's a nice touch ) and it's also, a dark red /burgundy colour. Scarf is from Primark and again, is one of those super soft ones.
It was a long day :( let's hope tomorrow it will be more relaxing.
I'm going to say goodbye now, and c'ya tomorrow for another outfit!

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