Outfit of the day


Me and my boyfriend decided to have a Sunday meal at The Egg Cafe in Liverpool, more so because I won a free meal for two on a contest held on Twitter by Liverpool Student Radio , happy me!

The outfit is casual but stylish, I always need something stretchy when I go out for a meal just because I eat too much and end up with a huge belly, oops.

I built my outfit with those shoes on my minds, they are simply gorgeous, they were a gift from my father and I adore them. Perfect Chelsea Boots by Massimo Dutti , must say they were really expensive, but I love my Dad, what can I say...he loves me too.

To avoid making my legs even chunkier than they are I paired the boots with my leggings from Primark, they are really stretchy and soft. I love that they are leather looking leggings and they are flattering.

Top is from H&M  and even though I love it, I don't get to wear it that often just because the fabric is really strange and gets stained from deodorant all the time. When I want to wear it, I need to apply my deodorant and then wait 20mins until fully dry, otherwise my top will get stained and it's not like other fabrics which get stained, but after a few minutes it goes away :( on this one, it's there in for face until you wash it. I still love it, because that rosy gold colour is amazing!

Jacket by ZARA, also a gift from daddy! It keeps me warm but adds a bit more style into the outfit and, also I think it goes lovely with the boots. I love the red elbow patches, great detail !

My hair is in a bun to keep it tamed and not have to worry about styling it, I'm a lazy gal sometimes.

Accessories: burgundy bag/Asos, statement necklace/ZARA

Andra xoxo

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