Lady day


Today I wanted to look like a lady without wearing a dress. So this is what the end result is.

I'm wearing my Asos Chelsea Boots which are the most comfortable high heels every! I can easily wear them a whole entire day without a problem, I really hope they'll bring more next season, because I want to buy two more pairs just to be sure I am on the safe side.

The jacket is by H&M and I adore the colour!!! It's a bright green yellowish neon which looks amazing with black, white or even pale colours. It's just perfect with a girly dress or even with pleather pants, I don't even know how to describe it, that's how much I adore it!!!! 

The top is a monochrome one and it's by H&M. As you know by now,  I love my monochrome. It's like an obsession and I can't let go !!!!!

Dogtooth pants by ZARA. This pair is just amazing for a chilly or windy day because  it's a bit thicker than all my other pairs of pants which are the same style. The one thing I don't like is that is a regular fit and I would've liked a fitted style more. But it's fine, I still like wearing them, a lot!! 

To add a bit more style to the look, I've chosen the ALDO red bag because I can fit all my stuff in it and it's also huge which I love!!! 

Accessories: necklace/H&M, statement ring/Swarovski, watch/Michael Kors and bracelet/Primark 

Andra xx

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