Evening walk


Happy Easter too all of you out there who are celebrating it today !!!

For me, today was one of those days when I don't have to do anything and I don't feel guilty either. I woke up, watched my fav TV series and then had a Easter european meal. Thank god my boyfriend washed the dishes because I was in no mood for that, I just like being a couch potato after I eat, I know-not healthy, but that's just what I normally do, oops.
I found myself 'craving' for a walk which almost never happens to me, I may crave cloths and end up shopping, but walks-no.We decided to take Leia for a walk.
My outfit of the day is comprised of my ZARA jacket from last year's collection, which proved a bit tricky to wear considering that it doesn't have a closing system, so the wind kept blowing it away, I had to hold it for almost the entire walk(not happy). Underneath, I kept it simple with a white creamy blouse from Primark and a piece of statement jewellery, the gold chain necklace again, from Primark. Because I'm not much of a cross body bag type of girl and I wanted my hands to be free, I think the white ZARA bag is just perfect, even though it has a silver chain, but I matched that with my Swarovski ring. I must admit I like a bit of metal clashing at times, I just find it more interesting and less perfect than wearing an all matching outfit.
I love my simple jeggings from Sainsbury's at the moment, and they are thinner than all my jeans, but thicker than another pair of summer jeggins I own, just perfect for the changing weather in Liverpool. To soften the look, I'm wearing a pair of pastel pink flats from Primark. They have a cute bow and I think it's a nice detail.
Leia is wearing her pink animal print collar and a floral lead, she has to be fashionable as well.
We are all tired right now and Leia is snoring really loud, so that will keep me up until I will go to bed haha.
If u enjoyed it, leave me a comment with what u think and with your questions !

Andra xoxo

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