Recently, I've noticed that many girls are trying to make themselves look different, more 'plastic', let's say. By using a lot of make-up, fake eyelashes, fake tan, botox, etc. By no means, I am against that, everything that makes you happy is fine, and should be used as such. But please, let's not forget that underneath all of that 'work'
 - we are beautiful -

This is my personal opinion, and I am in no position to judge anybody. We all use tricks to accentuate what we love, and hide what we think it's not appealing to others. But sometimes, it's nice to take a step back, and just accept yourself - with all the spots, lumps and bumps. 

I am not perfect - I am happy just the way I am.

No makeup, no tricks

This is a simple, casual look.
I was ready for my day in less than 10 minutes, I it turned out quite nice.
No make-up, hair loose, and jeans - perfect !

The cute sweater is an elegant choice because of the nice, gold sequins perfume bottle. It brings a bit of sparkle into this plain outfit.
Basic leggings are the perfect choice when you're in a hurry and have no clue what to choose for your bottoms. Plain boots and big bag for comfort. I tend to only go for big bags, I admit it. But I have way too many things to put in my bag, and yes - I don't need all of them...but then again, you can never know :)

The trench coat brings structure and style to the look. It makes everything look smart and put together without much work.

No time for accessories, and that is fine. 
I just love how this came out, no work, no problems, no need for more elements. 
My baby blue nails and quirky top is all the bling I need.

Trench coat - ZARA
Perfume Bottle Sweater - EBAY
Leggings - SAINSBURY'S
Glasses - Tom Ford

fun day

A well deserved break at Starbucks with friends is all I need on a cold, rainy day.
 I saw a cute dog and I ended up playing with her for 10 minutes, she was so fluffy!!! I must take my cute Sofia with me sometime, she would love the attention too.
 I slowly sipped my Chai Latte and enjoyed a nice day at the mall.


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