We all know that this past weekend was Easter and for me this is a time of love, understanding and family time.

Paint Eggs
Easter Packing
Buy new pink Sephora lipstick
Wash hair&dry

On Saturday, I painted the eggs- the orthodox way - red- but also gold for a modern touch. I was surprised how well they turned out.
Packing was a piece of cake for me, my numerous journeys back and forth UK&Ro have made me brilliant at putting outfits together in no time, and also at saving space.
Between breakfast and packing I managed to squeeze in a short shopping trip to my local Iulius Mall and buy 2gorgeous shades of pink lipstick a matte one and a cream lip satin that has a nice glittery look to it. 
For when I was to be bored or have some spare time, I stuffed two Vogue magazines - easy reading and more fashion inspiration
In preparation for my very fast hairdo, I simply washed it and I also used the diffuser to blow dry it in order to give it more texture, volume and some curls. Otherwise, my hair tends to be silky soft and cannot be contained in a bum.

Easter Day 
Since I can remember, this day is always about the family getting together, going to the curch in the morning to bless the food, everyone sitting around the table and having a laugh, enjoying the traditional/amazing food cooked by my auntie who is the matriarch of the family. I am always keen to have a lot of bread because it is baked in a clay oven and the taste is very different to any other type of bread. Actually, anything baked inside that oven tastes 100times better.

For my outfit, I wanted to wear something that would work in case of cold or warm weather. I went on a shopping craze on Friday and picked up a few items from ZARA(well...maybe everything except the shoes).

I ended up with an ALLBLACK look.
Crewneck coat was the starting idea of the look and I just added pieces from there.

Silk shirt with a simple collar to elongate my upper body.

Black coated trousers to keep me warm and easily keep clean while on the car, next to my English bulldog Sofia who is currently shedding. This pair is kind of making my legs look like tree trunck, but it's very comfortable and easy to style, so I;m just going to have to loose the weigh, because it;s are a keeper.

For a spot of femininity and balance, I added a gorgeous headband and a pair of nude high heels, not the most comfortable ones-I must admit. I like to always balance the darkness of the black.

Quick, 5 minutes hairstyle by yours truly.

To bring back some colour into my life, I am wearing a matte bright baby pink for my lippie by Sephora (no.09) and a purple smokey eye to bring up the green of my eyes. MAC MSF in medium dark as a contour and blush.

Crewneck Coat - ZARA
Shirt - ZARA
Trousers - ZARA
Shoes - ZARA
Headband - ZARA

I enjoyed my weekend a lot, it was fun and festive, but also it took be back to my roots and I always love that.
How did you spend your Easter weekend and what did you wear ? I am very curious to find out !


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