Rainy with a chance of lace


Rainy with a chance of lace

The weather is changing, but winter is still far away...

No matter the rain or cold, I love wearing delicate light bras and underwear (most of times, I skip the bra drawer all together)

the definion of diaphanous underwear 

The soft, delicate lace is very romantic and enticing. I am amazed by the quality of them considering that Laura (the owner) hand makes them all and there's no mass production involved. She is an amazing girl, extremly helpful and friendly. 
The bra is made to measure to ensure that it fits perfectly to the customer's body.

Today I decided to wear the beige bra and it fits like a glove.

Thanks Lace and Co for hooking me up with these beautiful pieces !

You can order them here: Facebook - Lace and Co

Now, while writing this blogpost, the weather has turned around - it's hot again !

I'm going to leave you with my choice of outfit for the day


Earrings - ASOS (out of stock)
Top - Forever21
Lace shorts - ZARA (last year's collection) - you can order a similar pair @ Lace and Co
Lace Bra - Lace and Co
Heels - ZARA (last year's collection)

Yours truly,

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