Valentine's day Outfit


It's almost Valentine's Day and everyone talks about it.
My take on it ?
Have fun, love each other and take time for yourselves. Don't go crazy or spend a fortune on it.
This morning, the phone rang and a delivery man asked me to go and pick up a parcel. It was a beautiful bouquet of flowers from the boyfriend. I was happily surprised because he thought about it, and especially because he hates doing something predictable.

Thank love. I was surprised ! <3

On the other hand, feel free to do something out of the ordinary to surprise your other half. I for example, decided to put on a sexy lace dress and to wear it for the day. I normally only wear, the good old comfy and cosy loungewear aka this beautiful and old chunky knitted sweater. Today, I still had to feel comfy and therefore, I added a huge knitted cardigan on top.

the outfit is sexy without screaming "sex" 

Yours truly,

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