Patched Denim Jacket - SS'16 Trend
How to (?)

This season is all about the denim, patches and patched denim ! From huge brands such as Gucci, Rag & Bone to Zara and NewLook, they all have something for everyone :)

How to patched denim:

1. Think comic-book graphics, pop art or floral appliqué and you will surely succeed in finding the perfect piece of garment for you. With Etsy and Ebay it easy to make your own style jacket to have your favourite elements as a stamp individual style 

2. Don't panic - it is very easy to style. Choose denim, for a 2x denim look or a plain skirt and white tee with a pair of Dr.Martens for a casual look, or if you are more daring: long sequins dress with a patched denim jacket. The possibilities are endless

3. Own it - attitude is a girl's best friend ! Don't be scared of standing out of the crowd and following your own style vision

My Style
For my choice pf patch work, I decided to collaborate with an amazing talented artist Carla Vadan. She's a Romanian born fashion illustrator living in London and her graphics is both inspiring and tasteful, so I contacted and bombarded her with my idea of the jacket. 
I was looking to have a pop-art-esque portrait of myself surrounded by peonies to fill the back of the rigid denim jacket.  She kept me updated along the way with sketches and ideas until she achieved the final product seen here.
The jacket is my vision and more, the attention to detail and great paint work came together perfectly. I am delighted !

Thanks Carla for being amazing and having the patience to work with me
For more of her amazing work, find Carla (click)here

Yours truly,

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  1. It looks fabulous on you! I am really glad you like it, the "bombarding" was successful! Thank you for your patience. <3