Walk & Relax


Hello everyone, another day ... another blog post :D
Today, I come to you with a  cute casual look  that I put together in less than 10 minutes.

I began building the look from bottom up because I am always trying to be comfortable when possible
- the faux fur loafers are a chic choice to the ordinary flats
-while the black ripped jeans are a good alternative if you are too scared to wear light colours or, like myself, your legs are "the problem area"
- to soften the look I paired everything with pale colours - I know , I know you might say to never pair them with blacks, but I think if you get the balance right - it looks amazing  :D
- to keep me warm, my dusty pink trench coat from Asos and messy hair to tie everything together - pun intended ;)

My advice for quick & easy morning routine:

1. Think about you day - always choose pieces that go well with the tasks you have to fulfil, e.g. if you have an important job/school meeting pick something smart casual, if you are going for a hike wear appropriate layers and shoes

2. Think about your colour scheme - depending on our mood, we tend to migrate towards certain tones and colours to either make us happy (red, pink, white, etc) or to help cover up our bad moods (dark colours). I always tend to go for pinks during the weekend and blacks or darker shades during the week

3. Be comfortable - I think this is the most important tip, there is no point on wearing high heels to make you feel sexy if ... after 30min you are going to scream and cry because of the pain :-) Find the middle ground, a mid heeled pair of strappy sandals can have the same effect - longer and sexier legs ;)

Let me know what are your tips for a quick and easy look ;)

Yours truly,

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