Breakfast Al Fresco


After my previous post discussing the struggles of living with anxiety, I wanted something lighter and brighter for today's post.

While some days can be very tough sometimes, I have discovered that just going out and enjoying a cup of tea and some food outside - can improve my mood considerably.

I always tend to focus on my issues if I am by myself, and getting out and seeing my friends or just having a lovely chat you the staff in the coffee shop can significantly improve my mood. I think it puts things in perspective and it's a remainder that whatever my feelings, I will be able to move on.

This cute Italian coffee shop has given me much inspiration the past few weeks during a time of struggles and increased anxiety.

I would wake up in the morning, grab my laptop and I was off there to enjoy their amazing vegan menu and the fresh air. Their small, yet pittoresque outside space is inspiring yet cosy ;)

If you are from Liverpool, I highly recommend The Italian Club for a nice coffee or if you are looking for amazing Italian food (tip: the pizza is delicious!)

On days when I am feeling down, I like to put a bit of make-up to help me change my perception about myself, a bright lip and foundation is all I normally go for - if I am feeling adventurous or patient enough I might even add a bit of bronzer

For my outfit,  I like to pick comfortable loose pieces that hide my body and allow me to move freely. This particular dress is a T-shirt style with delicate pearl-like applique and lace at the bottom that add a bit of femininity to it. I chose to wore it with a pair of wide-leg trousers and white trainers, but it would also look stunning without trousers and just the trainers, maybe a jacket - and voila - you are sorted !

If you have been following me for a while, you also know my obsession with pink, pink details and accents. Therefore, I added BABY PINK BAGPACK that is following the current mini-trend, yet I was able to fit in the following: phone, lipstick, keys, purse, sunglasses with case and a lot of useless stuff such as nail scissors - I have no clue why I was carrying them around -

You can find the dress and bag bi clicking the photos below:

I usually carry my laptop in my hands and I am good to go !
I was there three times in less than a week because fresh air helps!

How do you tackle those awful, anxious days?

Yours truly,

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  1. Andra - these photos are so beautiful! On the tough days, I make sure that I get out of the house and organise some to-do lists because that really helps me to feel less overwhelmed!