Yes, this is casual.

I have been living in sweatpants and gym gear for the last few weeks because it just makes me feel - RELAXED


I can be more presentable, I promise ;-) This look is a great version of a casual, yet put together look which hides many secrets - but I am happy to share them with you :-D
Hat -  I wear it to hide the "state" of my hair which is pure messiness and honestly, I can't be bothered doing anything to it

Jumper - is in one of my favourite tones of grey, I would call it TRUE GREY. I've seen similar jumpers all over Pinterest and I was in the search for one. As I always do, I wanated the same look but on a budget, therefore SheIn was the place to look for one. I found it in less than 3minutes and took even less to order it for 23 dollars (click here to get yours). Mega comfy and soft, perfect for cold winter days, but most of all...windy days (which are a daily occurrence in Liverpool)

Trousers - Loose fitting, flared and modern, yet the ruffles at the bottom are very reminiscent of the '70s with a romantic twist. 

Ankle boots - I've been wearing these to death this winter because they are black, go with everything and are the most comfortable heeled boots I've ever owned. so whenever I have to walk log distances or just need to be comfortable. they are it !

Bag - big enough to fit all my unnecessary things, but sturdy enough to fit in even more without changing its shape 

I like investing in items I can wear over & over again. 

What do you wear when you want to be comfortable ?

Jumper: SheIn | Puffer Jacket: Pull ¢ Bear | Trousers: ZARA | Boots: ZARA | Bag: ZARA | Hat: Praga

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