Wearing double red will make you more attracive


A study from by The City of New York University has revealed why men fancy women wearing scarlet ;) while this is true, it also showed that this was true for men that already had an eye for the lady. In order words, red seems to accentuate whatever they find attractive to you.

Steve G Young, the head of the study said the following about the effects of the colour on the men's brains:

 ‘Recent evidence suggests that coloration may serve a purpose in human mating, as female sexual excitement is associated with reddening of the cheeks, neck, and chest.Women are more likely to wear red than other colours when they anticipate meeting attractive, but not unattractive, men‘Heterosexual men are sensitive to red coloration on women. Compared with a range of other colours, women viewed on red backgrounds or wearing red clothing are found more attractive.

So, if you are planning to go on a date with your dream guy, maybe wear a red dress/top/scarf/skirt. Or... if you want something different, a bright red jacket such as the one in the photos might just be the right choice. 

Imagine yourself walking towards him, first thing he sees is your hair blowing in the wind and that jacket romantically covering your shoulders. If he fancies you, I'm sure this will give you the boost you need to feel more comfortable and feel stronger !

I have changed! I used to be scared of wearing red because it's such a dominant colour, everything needs to be perfect - make-up, mood, accessories ! ... or that's what I thought !

Well, I couldn't be more wrong !  

The more I venture out wearing this combo, the more I love it. I feel it empowers me, it improves my mood & most importantly, others seem to love it too. As I was wearing this look, I received compliments from so many people: "wow", "stylish", "different", "magical", were only a few of the words that I was surprised to hear. 

If you are like myself, too scared to wear red, add it into your style slowly: a scarf today, a top tomorrow, a hat next week and maybe a dress for that engagement party you have to attend in July. 
Let me know in the comments down below if you plan to incorporate RED in you wardrobe this summer <3
Jacket: ZARA | Trousers: ZARA | Top: ZARA | Flats: Il PASSO

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