Lightly sprinkled with pink


Three outfits in one day just by changing into two different skirts and a pair of black, ripped jeans.

The weather in Liverpool has been amazing for the last few days and it makes me want to enjoy it, wear Spring appropriate clothes and lay in the sun.

At the moment, my life is hectic and a bit crazy between laboratories and home I don't have much time to spare or put on nice clothes to make me feel better. Everything fast and comfortable !

Today, the sun was warm and bright, therefore it was the perfect moment to give myself a nice day out, put together a gorgeous outfit and make the most of it.

It turns out that I had to change 3x times, but all three looks have the Pink Trench Coat, the Mermaid shoes and the Bow Socks as the main pieces.

First Look - Dalmatian Mermaid
I needed something slim fitting and bright for Matilda's vet appointment. The Dalmatian print skirt brings my dog friendly side to the surface, while the girly socks and heels pull everything together.

Second Look - Change of skirt
I changed into a nude, flared skirt which I didn't manage to photograph, unfortunately. It still showed off my legs, but it I didn;t have to worry about my big booty 

Third Look - Casual Girl

Added a pair of black jeans and a boy hat to make the look more casual with a hint of "street style". It is so easy to switch from an elegant look to a casual one without too much trouble. Add a pair of jeggings or boyfriend jeans, a plain T-shirt and boom - it's done!

Trench Coat - ASOS
Cap - Monki sold by ASOS
Socks - ASOS
Heels - Office Shoes
Bag - ASOS
T-shirt - ZARA
Jeans - ASOS

Let me know what you think!

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