24 !


I can't believe I'm 24 now, it's like a dream to be honest. I feel more like a 16 year old rather than a 24, I'm still Daddy's Girl and have no job. Furthermore, I look younger too and sometimes I'm still required to show my ID when buying alcohol or when I want to go to a nice club. In a way, that's brilliant because imagine this, I'll be 30 and my looks will be far younger without plastic surgery or beauty treatment (age vs. looks - 0 : 1)

 For my birthday, I received a nice bouquet of peonies (by Fishlocks) from the boyfriend which I love starring at. I think these flowers are the most gentle and pretties in the word, they remind me of a fragile looking young girl, plus they smell amazing which is always a bonus !

For dinner, I paired my fairly natural make-up with a bold fuchsia lip and a romantic & elegant ponytail (Pinterest inspiration). If you're interested in seeing a tutorial for either of them, let me know and I'll gladly film a Youtube video for you, gorgeous ladies ! 
I think my simple, backless ZARA dress looked amazing with the curled ponytail and to accentuate my back further, I used a simple necklace turned around toward the back. 

My motto: Quick Simple Easy ! 

I had a lovely day/night surrounded by wishes of fortune and happiness from my friends on Facebook and Instagram, my boyfriend, family and friends called me or were with me. 
I had a blast !

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