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Statement pieces

We all love to mix and match pieces from our wardrobe, but we also keep an eye on our budget. Not everyone can wear something new everyday. Therefore, investing in key pieces is essential. They will pull out a look from "grumpy granny" to "chic fit"

For today's look, I've chosen a Basic White Tee with a statement print - who doesn't recognise Karl Lagerfeld ??? (click here to shop)

Basic tees with statement prints or patch-work or added jewels can spice un a look in second. Imagine a simple long duck egg blue dress with a pair of pom-pom sandals and a top with block sequins - WOW - from frumpy to glamourous !

I have selected a few more similar tops that can be worn as casual or elegant attire, it's all up to you !

I found my top on an interesting website, I highly recommend checking out because: 

* they offer 40% off on your first order
* pay for all your customs and fees
* have a great variety of clothes

* great styles and prints
* most importantly - GREAT PRICES

Here are just a few of my fave statement pieces that they currently have in stock - which one is you favourite ??

Click images to shop




What do you consider Statement Piece? A little black dress or a crazy electric top ?

Yours truly,

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