How to be Feminine but casual


Simplicity has always been my word of choice when coming up with a look, but the key to simplicity is courage. Dare to be different, dare to be you - no matter your skin colour, religious or sexuality
We are all humans that need love, affection and kindness! That's all we need in order to achieve happiness :) Spread love and don't let anyone put you down !

Back to our normal planned post

Today I have decided to put a look together that is both feminine and casual. By now, I think you have gotten used to my classy and casual posts, this is something I enjoy to wear daily and is easy for all of us to achieve

I am wearing a comfy pair of yoga trouser paired with an H&M nude top, a plaid shirt to cover that backside because let's admit it - nobody likes seeing your underwear ! (the ones who like it are odd people !!) Added a pair of lace up high heels that need to be a perfect fit, just so you can walk through all the shops ;) And a classy Saint Laurent Monogram bag  to spice up everything !

Easy peasy lemon squeeze - as the commercial says...

If it's warm where you are form, this would also go perfectly with a band tank top or a crop top with a delicate lace bra with straps across the chest ;)

P.S. Borrowed the ripped jeans jacket from the boyfriend - thanks to him I am always looking warm, but fresh

Denim Jacket - ZARA
Top - H&M
Plaid Shirt - Forever21
Yoga Leggings - TKMaxx
Lace up heels - ZARA
Bag - Saint Laurent

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