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How to Clearly be Girly:

I have always been a rebel, in my teenage years I was Punk/Emo with hippie influences, I grew older and, some might say, wiser my style evolved into Pin-up and glamourous. Now, I am officially 25 years old, a quarter of a century ... asking myself What is my Style ?

I like to think I'm classy, but bold, girly and casual all in one :) It all depends on my mood and my plans for the set day. If I'm in Uni/work I need to be casual, comfortable, but still add a nice pair of girly earring or funky shoes to spice things up.

If I am going to an event I like to go all out, which can either be:
1. Elegant and sassy
2. Masculine and edgy

I always get asked how can girls achieve a girly look, but also chic and not follow the mass of people doing the same thing. So here are my 3 best Tips

How to Clearly be Girly:
Step 1: Choose a style - whether you get your inspiration from Blair Waldorf from Gossip girl or Pinterest, add elements and pieces that define you - a classy Chanel inspired brooch on a Preppy Light Cardingan or a Wide-leg Pair of Masculine trousers to match that Tuxedo looking Jacket.
Step 2: Shop smart - pick pieces that you will have for years in your wardrobe because fashion always recycles the style. This year the wide-leg trousers are back in after the popular super skinny jeans, so are chokers and crop tops. 
A classy double breasted trench coat in nude or black that is good quality will do you a lot of good, and trust me when I say that you will get you money's worth <3 
A pair of good quality heels to keep your feet feel comfortable. Loubotins might look amazing, but we all know they ruing your feet. Luxury brand doesn't always mean comfortable !
Step 3: Colours are important - mix everything wisely and don't go crazy with colours. For today's post, I've chosen Pastels as I have been obsessed with them ! They remind me of my childhood so this is my interpretation of it. Girly, yet classy with a splash of clear plastics (let me know if you'd like a post on the Perspex Trend ;-) )

I found this amazing dress on for $21.99 - it's a bargain for the quality and versatility of it. I decided to style it in a simple way with just a messy hair style, a pair of Nude Star Perspex Boots and a white bag - I wanted all the attention on the dress. Block colours have been in since 2015 and this one is a very elegant rendition of the trend with a simple mint and blue pattern on the chest with a girly purple base colour.

If you want to be a badass girl, pair it with a pair of Dr.Martens Boots and a white backpack - Sorted 

And as I always say, you do you boo :-D

Shop Dress - SheIn (click Here)
         Boots - Public Desire (click Here)

Yours truly,

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