Jeans in Summer


With summer making a comeback. it's more difficult to find outfits that are easy breezy, and comfortable. I know many might be thinking skirts and dresses, and less about jeans and denim 
I love my denim, it's comfortable, easy to wear and I less maintenance in comparison to the girly dress
Most of all, it's wear and tear proof ! If my ripped jeans become more ripped and worn in, I feel like they have more character and I love them even more.

My best tips for wearing denim in the summer:

1. Choose the thin denim - there are a few types of jeans out there - from very thick to very thin - choose the latter to make sure you will not be boiling at 37 degrees Celsius

2. Ripped is fit - in order to allow air to flow I think it's best to choose items that are ripped and are very casual - don't forget you can always accessories it and make it look fancy ;) 
nobody want sweaty private part ;)

3. Loose for the goose - nobody likes the feeling of being trapped in super slim fit jeans at 37 degrees Celsius. My advice - pick a pair of jeans or dungarees that are loose - the boyfriend fit is perfect for this. I even borrow the boyfriend's actual jeans match it with a pair of sexy heels and I am good to go - this can be out little secret-

No matter how you choose to wear denim think about the style you are trying to go for. Today, I wanted to still feel feminine, show a bit of skin, while at the same time - feel put together & cute ;)
I decided to wear a pair of Ripped Dungarees that remind me of when I was about 4years old and covered in ice-cream, with a black ribbed crop top and a pair of very high heeled sandals that I bought from ZARA during the winter sale for just 10£ - bargain ! To add a feminine touch, I added a stacked gold necklace and my classic Michael Kors watch. For a bit of edge, I added my oh so old by now, pair of Marble Sunglasses from Quay Australia (they are sold out everywhere, but I have links for similar below).
I think this turned out quite well and most of all, I was comfortable! <3

If you want a laid back look - a pair of white sneakers and a white Tee matched with a hair bandana
you are set to go
Top - H&M
Dungarees - ZARA
Sunglasses - Quay Australia
Heels - ZARA
Necklace set - Urban Outfitters
Bag - ZARA
Watch - Michael Kors

Yours truly,

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