Afternoon tea with Farfetch


Hello readers. I am back today after a couple of weeks of being on holiday and busy, as always.

Today, I want to explain to you the importance of blogger - brand collaboration and my belief that it should me more like a friendship.

With more and more brands contacting bloggers, appreciating their feedback and opinions while at the same time relying on their following to promote their products, it has come apparent to me that both parties involved need to communicate more and appreciate each other.
Bloggers make a living promoting brands that they love and appreciate, while the latter is looking for promotion and marketing directly to new audience.

It is one thing to interact with companies through emails and sometimes phone calls, but it is always nicer to put a name to a face, have lunch with the contact person and exchange ideas and opinions.

This is why brands choose to put together lunches, dinners and parties to facilitate a better connection between them and their collaborators.

Living in Liverpool, it is difficult to attend most of events that take place in London.
Let's not even talk about travel costs or last minute invites (!).

Farfetch invited me to an Exclusive Blogger event:
"Afternoon Tea" in the nearby Manchester. I said YES without any hesitation.

Previously, I have spoken to her a few times and she was always very friendly and kind, easy to talk to and helpful.
But, it was lovely to finally put a name to a face !

This friendly Tea Party was intimate, with a total of 8 local bloggers and the girls from the company.
We had the chance to bond and most importantly, exchange ideas on what they are looking for from us while at the same time, what we expect from them.
Mix in some suggestions and girly gossiping -  fun, fun, fun

I must admit - the location was amazing, I have never been to Manchester House before and the view of the city centre was breathtaking. Also, they were able to accommodate my dietary requirements - which is amazing considering most restaurants only do vegetarian options, and less vegan.

Farfetch is an Online Store that caters for the high end shopper looking for a bargain and/or for their favourite designer. With more than 1,000 brands from Women's to Men's and Vintage Items, I am sure you can find your fave pieces. I personally prefer the Vintage Brooch Section as I have quite an obsession <3
What I love most is their attention to detail when sending a parcel , with the packaging looking stunning. Your order will most likely come from one of their collaborators, a boutique in London or even Paris ! If you never had a change to shop in a boutique, this is your chance !

TIP: Keep your eyes peeled to the website, and enjoy the SALES - this is what I am waiting for (at the moment) :-)

I am saving money to purchase an amazing Saint Laurent Velvet Festival Backpack
It is small, delicate, yet perfect with heels or sneakers - what I love most is the small YSL tag - I am one to prefer delicate branding <3

I truly believe our relationship has improved and we can learn from each other.
I hope to see the ladies soon and have more fun !

Bloggers present at the event: 

Fashernably Late
Shot From the Street
Pages by Megan
What She Buys
Don't Cramp My Styled
Zenita Jemella
I Like Tweet

Yours truly,

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