Festival Look - Part 1


Festival Season

As I am preparing for Electric Castle Festival that is taking place in Bontida, Romania 

I will be posting from the festival starting Friday the 15th, and I hope you'll follow me on Instagram and Snapchat (search: andravaida) to see more from there ;)

So, I have decided to put together some festival inspired outfits for you.


As I know it will be raining at this particular festival, I am dedicating today to:

Festival Looks for Rainy Days

First Look

Is girly, yet cosy. 
I paired that Stretchy Camo Denim Skirt with Deep V-neck Body to keep me warm and also, if you get mud on that skirt - it will only add to the look
A checkered shirt that says Turn The Music Up (pun-intended) and my fave pair of Neon Yellow Hunter booth to bring some life into the look. The bright colour will peak-through the mud once you start dancing and it looks amazing.

I kept my jewellery at a minimum, with just a long necklace set that sits nicely on the chest and this gorgeous Embossed Two Buckle Belt to pinch-in my waist and accentuate my curves.

You could also add a bum bag or a backpack to keep your valuables with you all the time.

Get the look

Second Look

Along the same lines, but a bit more sport(y)
Using the same main pieces, the Hunter Boots & the Checkered Shirt, I swapped the skirt for a pair of Distressed Denim Shirts and a Basic Black Tee that exposes the shoulders in a very delicate way.

For accessories, I added a bit of my favourite colour by using the Pink Velvet Choker and layered a few necklaces.

Easy - peasy

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