Girl in Amsterdam I


Hello everyone, I am writing to you from the beautiful Amsterdam. Weather is gorgeous and people are very nice

It's been a windy kinda day (see last photo) but I'm loving this place! The 24 degrees Celsius are a plus too ;;) I missed summer, that's for sure.

To go with the happy and joyful mood of the city, I paired my blue wide-leg ZARA trousers with a bardot style top, funky shoes and my fave jacket !

Easy breezy !

I have decided to try an post everyday while I'm here <3

Please, let me know any good recommendations of places and food (vegan) - I am not a fan of trying the touristy areas and I want to dive in the culture and place as much as I can

I can't find any of the items on their original websites, but here are some suggestions of similar items !

Yours truly,

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