Day 2 & Tips on how to shop on SheIn


Day 2 - has gone too quickly !

We started our day at 10:30 and after make-up and hair was done, we were on our way to see Banksy's work at Moco Museum, learn about diamonds and see some modern art at Stedelijk Museum.
I have to admit to something, I liked Banksy's work more than anything else - I think because of the messages that were scattered within the pieces (very political at times)  
Being the scientist that I am, I visited the Micropia Museum that houses numerous microbes form around the world, a real life laboratory and some stool samples ;) The idea is very nice and if you'd like to play with some microscopes or be grossed-out by the microorganisms that can be found on your toothbrush, remote control or phone - I highly recommend it.

The day went past really quickly, but it was worth the long walks along the canal, the warm breeze blowing my hair and blending in with the crowds.

Now, let me tell you about something interesting

Being on holiday made me realise how much I needed more summer inspiration and new clothes. I know many of you struggle to find nice pieces that are affordable.
Personally, I change my wardrobe every season and I buy expensive pieces only if I know they will last me for a long time or are classic items that are worth investing in.

Unless the above, I like to buy many pieces that I can mix and match & most importantly, that are cheap.

In the past, I have talked about SheIn, but today I have some great news

SheIn - free shipping from 10th until 12th July Worldwide

I am wearing this White Loose Dress with belt (currently on Sale for 15.55$) from their website, but since it wasn't hot enough to wear it as intended -  I made it into a trench coat. 
By now you should know that I like to re-purpose everything !

A few tips when interested in purchasing items from SheIn:

1. Check measurements - as it is an asian company, their sizes can run a bit small. For example, I am normally a size 8UK, but on their website I had to order size M or even L when buying some pieces. 

2. Be smart and read the reviews - one great feature of the website, is their reviews section. People post photos of their items and they can get VIP points (that can be used as discount when purchasing pieces). The are honest and give you an insight into how the actual item might look on you, rather than the model.
3. Go crazy and use discount codes - always check the top banner of the website, that is where the discount codes are located. From 20% to 45% off, the choice is yours. This is what I love about the website, I sometimes might have 200$ worth of products, and in fact I might only have to pay for 100-120$. Love it ! - here is a link that will take you to a page full of discounted items ready to be worn this summer - SheIn

4. Check the pre-order section - daily, the like to add new items to the website, more specifically they have items that can be pre-ordered - usually this section of the website has items that are in trend or copy items from the catwalk - here is a link to have a look for yourselves 

I highly recommend you to try this website, and to give you a taste of what you can find, I have added my Wishlist below:


1. White Crew Neck Lace Bodycon Dress - click here
2. White Three Quarter Length Sleeve Lace Sheath Dress - click here
3. White Scalloped Lace Triangle Braletclick here
4. White Tie Neck Cold Shoulder Lace Blouseclick here

Summer items

1. Black Deep V Neck Sequined Romper With Belt - click here
2. Blue Long Sleeve Print Zipper Front Bodysuitclick here
3. Pink Rib-knit Cuff Embroidery Zipper Jacket - click here
4. Blue Striped Tie Back Backless Long Sleeve Blouse - click here

Good luck shopping !

Yours truly,

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