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A simple look is the key to a comfortable and chic style. 

Denim has become a real staple in my wardrobe and I truly can't have enough of it. It's very easy and simple to mix and match to almost anything. By now, I'm sure that you noticed that anyway, however... this pair is great for everyday use. The length of the trousers is quite long and you are supposed to fold it. I find that this accentuates my ankles and gives the look more structure. 
These are from a stretchy denim fabric than I would normally wear, but I have to say that these are great for those days when you feel bloated or just want to eat more ;) I've got you covered! 
This makes them very comfy for day to day wear, for walking or shopping all day.  
I've been adding more denim items to my capsule wardrobe in the hope of being timeless and saving money in the future. There's nothing better than a comfortable pair of trousers to make my day better !
Denim is easy to style, I chose to go for a very delicate ruffle sleeve jumper because it is easy to wear, very comfortable and extremely soft. The cute neck ruffle is very reminiscent of chokers and that means I don't need to add any accessories.
Basic grey coat to keep me warm and give the entire look a bit of structure.
I have been wearing similar pairs of jeans but with basic tees and shirts the entire week, but this a nicer, more sophisticated rendition :) Introducing new items help freshen up my looks

Jeans:Monki | Top:Warehouse | Coat:Aliexpress (find similar here) | Bag: ZARA | Shoes:ZARA (not available, find similar here)

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