walk with confidence


I like to believe that I am a fairly confident person, that I am aware of my qualities and flaws (too many of the latter) and that I walk thorough life with a sense of self belief (at times).
Clothes help me to build my confidence in times of anxiety or disbelief. They can show me I can be tough, feminine and delicate separately or all in one. Is up to me and my choice to portray to the world what I what them to see. With my anxiety and constant mood swings, I need constant reassurance to allow me to function as a "normal" human. That is where I use clothes to build myself from a down, miserable mood into a functional one.

This denim ruffle top is great because the fabric is gorgeously soft, yet the frills have a certain wave to them that accentuate the shoulders and neckline giving me a very delicate look. The wide-leg faux leather look trousers in nude add an edgy feel and a touch of structure to my hectic self, yet the boots come to show off my crazy bubbly self.

One look to show my self.

Top: Asos | Trousers: Asos | Boots: Asos | Watch: Fitbit

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