childhood memories


It is incredible how time flies... It's Friday the 9th of September and my Master of Research degree is officially done. It seems like only yesterday I started University as a shy girl, coming from Romania, with her bright pink and half silver hair and big glasses. I look back at those days with nostalgia because these years will never come back.

However, I am happy to grow up and move forward with both my career and my blogging. Now, the ugly truth of finding a job and paying taxes is here and I have to own up to it (meh).

I want to (still) dwell on the past (just a tiny bit longer) and that is why today's look is based on a teenager's look: dungarees, ruffles and pink Dr. Martens - simple yet effective. To add a bit of femininity, I am wearing a see-through lace ruffle top that is very comfortable, breezy and the fabric is great quality. There is nothing I despise more than uncomfortable, scratchy, rough fabrics - I truly can't comprehend why companies prefer using them (well, maybe because they are cheap Andra, d'oh!).

For a bit of sparkle, I used cute pins attached to my dungarees. Using such accessories is a great trick to turn a plain outfit into a completely different one (plus, it is a great why to save money). For example, a plain black tee can become instantly more elegant by adding a Chanel inspired pin or a vintage one. On the other hand, using pop-art inspired pins on a silk black shirt will give it a casual vibe. It's up to you !

Top:Asos | Dungarees: ZARA (find similar here) | Boots: Dr. Martens | Bag: ZARA | Pins: New Look

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