grey streets


That moment when your favourite colour is not a colour at all.

I am sure everyone has bad days, "those ones" when they are not in the mood to dress up, put make-up nor do anything to their hair. When I shot this OOTD, I was going through precisely, one of those days !


I wanted to share with you how I deal with  it and how I make myself presentable on "those" moments.

I tend to always go for black and basics. As I've always said, choose black and you'll never go back!
It covers everything I dislike about me, makes me feel as if I can hide from everything, while at the same time look presentable and somehow decent (without much effort either)
This is a very simple look, with pieces I have collected along the past couple of years; pieces that I know look good and have never failed me. 
I wanted to add just a hint of femininity and I did it without showing any skin - by wearing a shirt with gold buttons on the back that is very delicate, diaphanous and simply beautiful.

Hair always in a bun!

And I was off to see GP.

Next time you have a bad day, think about wearing something chic ;)

Jacket: ZARA | Top: Paisie | Trousers: ZARA | Shoes: ZARA | Bag: ZARA

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